Story of animal love: HUDOCA

I’m Evrim. I’ve licenses in chemistry, business management and an associate degree in veterinary technician. Right now, I’m getting prepared for veterinary license degree. Animals, nature and design are my life. Animals and design have been the most joyful things in my life. While I’m in touch with animals making designs and when I put my designs into practice, I feel like I’m in heaven. Jewellery design that started as a hobby, became a full-time business once interest to HUDOCA Design has grown up. In time my husband (Engin) quit from his job and joined Hudoca. The pleasure of working together and the characteristics that complete each other put Hudoca one step forward.
My husband is working on graphic and photography parts, and I am in production, workshop and sales. We are a strong team. Once we combine these new ideas, new design starts to grow by itself.
I’ve started this business as a hobby. The love to my Golden Retriever Angel at the age of 11 derived me from being by her all the times. I’ve designed objects that reminded her to me. She is my amulet. Everything started like this.
When the people around me start to see the things I do, they’ve asked me to do similar things for them. So, I did. Right now, the products I’m doing right now in different countries of the World approaches two hearts to each other. The power of this idea grew Hudoca. It provided a soul to it more than a job. Etsy has a significant role to be globalised. I believe Etsy has a similar soul.
My inspirations are Angel, Ginger, Bourbon and the circumstances we are having with them. The desire to have them always by me, the belief that each single animal lover has the same feeling with me are my inspiration.
Our designs combine with a story in each person, and it becomes the amulet of that story. From that point, the value of that amulet is not the mineral but the soul in it. I know it because I experience it. The thing that I dreamed about when I was I little girl became true. I can see what animals say when I look through their eyes!