About Us

Animals, nature and design are my life. Animals and design have been the most joyful things in my life. While I’m in touch with animals making designs and when I put my designs into practice I feel like I’m in heaven. Jewelry design that started as hobby, became a full time business once interest to HUDOCA Design has grow up. In time my husband (Engin) quit from his job and joined Hudoca. Pleasure of working together and the characteristics that completes each other put Hudoca one step forward. My husband is working on graphic and photography parts and I am in production, workshop and sales. We are a strong team. Once we combine these new ideas, new design start to grow by itself.

Angel: 11 years old female Golden Retriever – Very calm, loves swimming. Everyting started with her.

Ginger : 3,5 months female French Bulldog – Very jeolous, wants everything to be her property, energy cube, our source of amusement

Bourboun: 2 year old female  Chinchilla- Hearing impaired, The best game friend of Ginger.

They decide our life fluency. We are making car, house and vacation choices according to them. Because we’re a family